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Everyday Sunday

Wear the confidence to be your best you, always.


Everyday Sunday is the swimwear and leisurewear brand that inspires and empowers its customers’ best moments and most meaningful memories. Its story is one of passion and optimism.


The spark

At the heart of all creations by Everyday Sunday lies the belief that every moment should be full of happiness. And that when you feel great in the clothes you wear, you shine!


The vision

Everyday Sunday finds inspiration in the beauty that’s inherent in all things to create pieces that will become part of its customers’ journey.


Its world-class team focuses its boundless creativity and curiosity on creating lasting fashion that lifts people up by instilling confidence the moment they put it on. Confidence that says, go ahead, grace the world with your unique expression. While a great figure certainly can’t hurt, Everyday Sunday knows that it’s really self-confidence that gives someone irresistible appeal. That’s why the brand creates comfortable and versatile designs that offer the perfect fit and style, for every shape. Its line of timeless, iconic pieces are made from fabric meticulously chosen for its quality and softness, to achieve that “second skin” feeling Everyday Sunday apparel is known for. 



The Wrap: a favourite that’s here to stay

Since its launch, the cross-over, one-piece Wrap has become a key piece of the Everyday Sunday collection thanks to its unique figure-flattering design. With a cut that combines the best of the bikini with that of the one-piece, it’s an empowering style. The positive, and even moving reviews of the Wrap received by Everyday Sunday are a constant inspiration for the brand to stay true to its vision.



The turtle, Everyday Sunday’s symbol

Known for its longevity and present in all cultures, the turtle exudes a friendly demeanour and a stress-free attitude. It is strong, serene and balanced, and feels at home anywhere. For Everyday Sunday, the turtle sets an example of how to live life well.

Day after day, Everyday Sunday chooses to see life as an amazing adventure that never stops surprising and delighting. Success means sharing that vision with each one of its customers, inspiring them in turn to explore the world with optimism and openness. Life is a gift, let’s dive in!