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With our globetrotter ambassador Lydiane, we set out to learn more about people’s lives all around the world. During her travels, she questions those who cross her path about their biggest dreams. Twice a month, she shares her discoveries with us.



My dream is simply to be worthy of the life that was given to me as well as all its blessings.

I also dream that every person will focus in their own way on the essential things in life rather than the superficial. And finally that we all honor the notion of humanity and its implications. That’s it. I know it sounds cliché, but I don’t want anything material. I obviously have personal projects, but they are insignificant compared to the changes I would like to see in this world. And it all begins with ourselves.

Lydiane’s impressions :

Rarely have I met such an exceptional woman. Words cannot describe her. I had the chance of meeting Élisa at the very beginning of my trip to Jordan and to get to know her more during the trip. She takes care of communications for Handicap Internatinal, an NGO, and had been living in Jordan for a few months already. She works with Syrian refugees and visits with them several times a month. I feel that Élisa has unlimited compassion and a heart as big as planet earth! She is also one of the most well-traveled people I know who always gets in touch with locals to learn more about them. Rarely have I witnessed such a thirst to understand our world and such an immensely open mind! Élisa is the living illustration of the citizen of the world concept and if you ever get the chance to meet her you will understand exactly why!