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With our globetrotter ambassador Lydiane, we set out to learn more about people’s lives all around the world. During her travels, she questions those who cross her path about their biggest dreams. Twice a month, she shares her discoveries with us.


My dream is to have the ability to help any person that is in need. People who lost their chances, people who are chasing a dream and fight to live with no one to back them up. I learned alot from animals and the marine life that is surrounding me: behavior, attitude, willingness, surviving, power, confidence, sharing and team work. And most importantly, I learned from dogs. My dog taught me patience, giving without waiting for anything in return, compassion, love, honesty, loyalty and always – always – give and forgive. I want to create a big shelter for animals without a home and be surrounded by them. Mainly for dogs, with my dog Sasha helping me to run it. If I ever can be someone’s hope, then I am the happiest person in the world.

Lydiane’s impressions :

Omar is certainly one of the most generous people I have ever met. He is an amazing diving instructor who welcomes about one hundred travelers per year at his home for free. He helps them discover his country, his culture, exchanges with them, and above all, generously shares his time with them. He has also been welcoming homeless or abandoned dogs for many years. He raises them and tries to find a new owner who will care for them. He is passionate about animal life, especially about dogs, and devotes himself to them heart and soul. His dog Sacha means the world to him! In a word, he is a simple person whose happiness is made of human contact and spending time with animals.