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Many of us wonder what we can do to eat and feel better, and achieve a sense of well-being, like our ambassador Francisco Randez, who manages to stay in top shape, in every way.

We were curious to know how he does it, so we asked him a few questions. His answers were pretty fascinating and inspired us to adopt new habits! We’re sharing his morning routine with you here with the hope that it will inspire you, too.

ES: Thanks Francisco for agreeing to share your morning routine with us!


Francisco: I’m happy to do so. First off, I’d like to say this routine applies to mornings when I have more time. When I have a shoot at 6 a.m., let’s just say that I skip a few steps! But I try to arrange my life so I can do this routine almost every day.


ES: OK, so now we’re really curious.


Francisco: So here it is!

– When I wake up, I take a few moments to say, “thank you.” Thank you for all the blessings and opportunities that life has given me. I believe that gratitude is a key part of well-being and success, and a great day begins with this thought!

– First step: a large glass of water that I drink slowly, not in one go. It helps activate the digestive system and lightly cleanses the body that has been fasting for several hours.

– I then take the time to make my bed with great care and attention. That may seem totally unexciting, but it’s the first thing I do in the day, so it sets the tone for the rest of it. It’s something tangible, and by focusing on simple actions, it puts me in a state of mind that helps me deal with whatever comes next in a constructive way.

– I then quickly check my emails and messages to see if I need to take care of any urgent matters. If not, I put down the phone and I stay off the Internet and social media. All this waits until after my morning routine.

– Next, I meditate, focusing on my breathing. I sit down on my yoga mat with my legs crossed and I first take a few seconds to relax. I like to use the cardiac coherence method. When you master this simple technique, it allows you to instantly relax. I then practice the Wim Hoff method, which is a series of breathing techniques that increase your breathing range and control. I do this meditation in my SIR Edwards underwear, so I feel completely at ease and free to move.

– Now I can begin my day!

– My first meal is always light. I opt for a green smoothie, with banana, apple, sunflower sprouts, coconut oil, maca, etc. Light and very nourishing.

– Then, I head to my dojo for some Jiu-jitsu training… Let’s rock ’n roll!

ES: What can we say but WOW. We’re starting tomorrow. :)