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Everyday Sunday is proud to introduce a brand new addition to our accessory offering: one-of-a-kind mochilas! Available on our website starting today, we had to share with you how we discovered these stunning bags and the amazing indigenous Wayuu community that has been creating them for centuries.


First off, we owe this discovery to Alicia Kossick, a wonderful woman with a big heart and an inspiring mission. A few months back, during the hot summer days, we were fortunate to have crossed paths with Alicia. The connection was immediate! We were initially struck by her unique aura and dazzling yet elegant personal style of authentic tribal designs. In no time at all, we were wowed by her amazing taste and curation of products featured on the Polished Coconut, a brand she founded four years ago after leaving the traditional corporate world to work towards a goal that honoured her core values. The eye-catching colours and patterns of the mochilas she was carrying won us over in a heartbeat! Here was a woman with a desire to build a responsible brand that aimed to empower women and entire local communities. Really, can you be any more inspiring?

As Alicia explained, the Polished Coconut is a lifestyle brand rooted and inspired by indigenous and folkloric lifestyles. Working with select groups of artisans, she collaborates with over 200 women to design meticulously handmade fashion and home design accessories. She believes this elevates their craft to its highest design expression. It is also her belief that there is no challenge more powerful than the development of women. Together, they respond to the growing consumer demand for socially conscious home and fashion products while participating in the conservation of exceptional ancestral craftsmanship.  Each transaction involving these products positively impacts society by upholding the principles of fair trade, preservation of cultural heritage and empowerment of women.




For all these reasons, we at Everyday Sunday decided to reach out to Alicia and collaborate together to bring a unique and exclusive selection of mochila bags your way! In fact, each product featured on our website is handmade by the Wayuu women and is one-of-a-kind, which means it is the only model like it anywhere, in the world! The Wayuu mochilas are so vibrant, you can actually feel their history in every hand-sewn stitch. The soul, knowledge and feminine power that have gone into the creation of each product are unmistakable. These bags have that special something – that timeless, subtle artisanal beauty.




The Wayuu are an indigenous people who inhabit the desert along the Guajira Peninsula, bordering Colombia and Venezuela. One of the great expressions of the Wayuu culture is the art of weaving mochila bags; an art that has been passed down from mothers to daughters for generations. Each Wayuu bag tells a story that can be “read” in the bag’s colours, patterns and shape. Mochila bags also represent a source of income for the Wayuu people; with each purchase, we contribute to the preservation of their well-being and way of life. The Wayuu mochila culture and weaving process deserve a full article on their own. And we’re happy to oblige – watch for it in the coming weeks!

We sincerely hope you will enjoy them as much as we do. We can’t wait to hear what you think of them!

Until next time, be well and enjoy.