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With our globetrotter ambassador Lydiane, we set out to learn more about people’s lives all around the world. During her travels, she questions those who cross her path about their biggest dreams. Twice a month, she shares her discoveries with us.

This month, we are in for a great surprise as Lydiane interviews someone very close to her heart who has often traveled with her: her sister Léonie!

We are sure you will appreciate this beautiful testimonial and ode to sisterhood as much as we did.  Here it goes.

What’s your dream Léonie?

I don’t really know. (*crickets chirp*) I’m always a little uncomfortable when I get asked that question… Especially when someone just before me has answered something along the lines of: ‘I’m opening my osteopathy clinic this year and I intend to welcome six new professionals over the next five years, buy a home in two years, have two or three kids, and retire at 53.’

Now, Léonie, your turn to tell us what you have planned until the end of your life… Go ahead, we’re all ears!

I don’t work that way. I can’t tell you ahead of time what will happen to me. It’s like when I’m travelling. I don’t plan out activities. I think I prefer to surprise myself…or just straight-out not make any decision. I let myself be swept up by events as they happen until…bam! When a new opportunity arises, a challenge that appeals to me, that takes me out of my comfort zone, I jump on it and move forward. I could never have imagined that I would write a book. Even five years ago, I don’t think you could have caught me saying: ‘Hi everyone! I dream of writing a book one day!!!!’

At first, I dreamed of getting into a theatre school, and that worked: I became an actress. After that, I wanted to perform in a play: that worked out. Next, I wanted to write a play, and that worked, too. Sometimes, I would dream of taking off on a trip, so that’s what I would do. Even my work brought me to go on tours! I was happy! Then, the opportunity to write Lydiane’s stories came up and I told myself: yes, it would make me really happy to write a book.

What’s my dream at the current moment? I don’t have a big one, but plenty of small ones. Write a first script, travel to the Scandinavian countries, fall in love, adopt a dog, skydive, grow tomatoes, go on a canoe and camping trip with my friends, become a director, do a yoga retreat, etc etc etc. I like to check off dreams of mine all the time!

If I had to pinpoint my greatest dream, it would be that, through everything I do – my work as an actress, my writings, my way of seeing the world and living it out – I manage to bring happiness into the lives of people around me, and to impact them in a positive way: to give them fuel, advice, tools, and a pat on the back for everything that’s to come.

I want to contribute to making the world a better place! Sure, saying that sounds a tad childish. But isn’t it possible that, simply through living your life and having your happiness spill over onto others, you might make a difference?

Lydiane’s impressions

My sister, my best friend, my confidant, a source of inspiration, my travel partner, the artist in the family, a first-rate author, a house comedian, my flatmate… my sister is all of the above!

We’re so different, and yet we complement each other brilliantly! Léonie is a young woman overflowing with love that only asks to love others! One can’t help but also love her in return. She is talented and succeeds in everything she sets out to accomplish. She is simple, doesn’t need anything, finds happiness easily and brings the sunshine wherever she goes! We know each other like the back of our hands, and we’ve always been there for each other. If you ask me about my most beautiful moments in life and travel, it’s always those I’ve shared with my sister. She’s by far the most important person in my life.

The dilemma I’m facing at the moment: I live with her and my boyfriend, and I secretly consider that it’s the best of both worlds! I have two people I love so dearly under one roof! ;)

I’ll never thank my parents enough for having us both over a very short time frame, so that we could have each other as friends. Mission accomplished. We’re indeed life partners – now and always will be!