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They are four siblings, between the ages of 28 and 35, who’ve already amassed extensive experience in the fashion industry. After 20 months of research, observation and sketching, the Nasri brothers and sisters are proud to launch the EVERYDAY SUNDAY brand, unveiling a swimwear and leisurewear line at more than 50 retail chains and boutiques across Quebec.

This first collection of styles for ladies and junior ladies includes a variety of swimsuits, cover-ups, bikinis, tankinis, shorts, tunics, tank tops and dresses, designed for the beach, the patio and the pool, suitable for the country or the city. The gar­ments can be mixed and matched and are offered in an array of colour schemes and prints, such as Ruby Daiquiri, Turtle Bay, Color Pop or Géo-Géo.


The Art of Swimwear

“A swimsuit must be perfect. That’s why its design is an unforgiving art, which requires both precision and meticulousness,” explains Nathalie Nasri, designer for EVERYDAY SUNDAY along with her sister Jasmine, both of whom also oversee the brand’s marketing with their brother Elie. “Our aim is to make women feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin, regardless of their age or figure. That’s what we strive to achieve, by exploring creative and innovative approaches.” A number of adjustable EVERYDAY SUNDAY swimsuit designs can be transformed in two, three, four or even five different ways. “Each of our garments is designed to enhance the female form. We’re at our happiest when we bring about the perfect marriage of design, quality, beauty and comfort. It may sound simple, but it actually requires a significant amount of research, travel and investment,” Nathalie Nasri points out. This new collection’s design and distribution are entirely carried out at EVERYDAY SUNDAY’s studios, located in Saint-Laurent (Montreal).



“EVERYDAY SUNDAY is a positive brand whose natural setting is one of relaxation and well-being. We’re extremely proud to offer a collection of such calibre at an incomparable quality-price ratio,” remarks Ranya Nasri, Communications Director. “We were thrilled by the rapid interest generated after our show at the Festival Mode & Design. Over the following days, many stylists and buyers spontaneously expressed interest in EVERYDAY SUNDAY. The challenge we now face is to supply boutiques and retail chains in Quebec, but also across Canada and the U.S. We’re both realistic and confident: the brand is young, but we’ve been honing our expertise over the past 15 years.”

The Nasri brothers and sisters draw both willpower and creativity from their family history. “We were born and raised in the fashion world,” recalls Ranya Nasri. Having immigrated to Canada in the midst of Expo 67 excitement, Paul Nasri, founding president of Nasri International, has been marketing and distributing a variety of brands across Quebec and Canada since 1967 – first with his wife Delal, now also with their children. “Our parents are a tremendous source of inspiration. We want to create a new experience, as we’re determined and excited to share who we are, our dreams, and where we aim to go next,” says Ranya Nasri. In that regard, EVERYDAY SUNDAY expects to add lingerie, pyjamas and men’s swimwear to its collection.

Available at more than 50 points of sale, EVERYDAY SUNDAY clothing can be found at Simons (Montréal, Québec, Anjou, Laval, Saint-Bruno, Sherbrooke and Edmonton) as well as certain branches of La Cordée, Sports Experts and AquaSport. For the full list of boutiques, head over to www.everydaysunday.ca.


EVERYDAY SUNDAY and Nasri International

Driven by design, comfort, versatility and affordability, the EVERYDAY SUNDAY brand is developed and distributed by Nasri International, whose head office is located in Montreal (Canada). Specialized in the design and import of clothing lines, Nasri has built up renowned expertise in the areas of swimwear and leisurewear, with over 15 years of experience in the field.



Ranya Nasri

Communications Director

514 334-8282, extension 334