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Clothes for the body, a brand close to the heart.

Everyday Sunday is first and foremost one family’s labour of love. Ranya, Nathalie, Jasmine and Elie Nasri, all in their thirties, have been involved with their parents’ ready-to-wear business since childhood.

Back in 2012, sitting at a table surrounded by family members, Nathalie wondered aloud: “What are women really looking for in terms of swimwear and leisurewear?” Eighteen months later, that question led to the launch of Everyday Sunday, the perfect partner for travelling and moments of leisure.


Even on Sundays!

Surrounded by colleagues and enthusiastic collaborators, Everyday Sunday works with passion, laughter, rigour and a willingness to share.

We travel for work, leisure and inspiration, always with the aim to better understand our clients’ needs. This daily challenge feeds our curiosity and vision.


The art of swimwear

Everyday Sunday relies on research and top-notch tailoring to produce pieces that are exclusive, affordable and made to enhance all body types. Everyday Sunday pays particular attention to elements of design, comfort and versatility in the creation of every garment.

Our fabrics are meticulously chosen for their quality and softness, providing a “second skin” sensation. Thus, our garments are best showcased in their natural environment – one of relaxation and fun.


Our story

The Everyday Sunday brand is designed and distributed by Nasri International, a company founded in Montreal more than 40 years ago. Nasri International is specialized in the design, import and distribution of clothing for the whole family, in addition to running two exclusive brands: Everyday Sunday and Romy & Aksel.

With offices in Canada and Asia, Nasri International has more than 20 years of experience in developing quality swimwear for boutiques and retail outlets across Canada and the United States.


Happy Together (our logo)

Even though the meaning of the song Happy Together is part of our team’s DNA, it’s not in homage to The Turtles that our logo bears a tortoise’s shell. Turtles are the perfect representation of Everyday Sunday’s true nature: a creature that moves slowly but confidently, both on land and at sea!

Known for its longevity and present in all cultures, the turtle exudes a friendly demeanour and a stress-free attitude. It is strong, serene and balanced, thrives in warm climates and feels at home anywhere, lugging around its home on its back.

If turtles could talk, we think they would tell us that in their mind, every day is Sunday.